The Center for Attachment Research (CAR) is a university based lab, research group, and center for training. The Center is directed by Howard Steele, Ph.D. and Miriam Steele, Ph.D. Miriam Steele is Director of Clinical Training for the PhD program in Clinical Psychology, and Howard Steele is Director of Graduate Studies in the Psychology Department of The New School for Social Research. Research assistants at CAR include PhD students and MA students at The New School for Social Research, undergraduates from Eugene Lang College, the New School for Public Engagement, and Parsons, The New School for Design, with visiting interns coming from all over the world. Please see Who We Are for a more complete description of the Center, and see Current Projects to for more information on ongoing research. 

 Photo by Erik Hesse

Planned seminars at The New School:

Reflective Functioning as applied to Adult Attachment Interviews. Next seminar will take place over 11-13  February 2015 in New York. For more information, contact Howard Steele.

Attachment Focused Coding System (AFCS) for Story Stems with Allison Splaun, PhD.    This is an intensive two day training where you will learn to administer and code story stems for use in both clinical and research settings.  
The next seminar will take place as a 'pre-conference' before the 7th International Attachment Conference taking place in New York City over 6-8 August 2015. For more information, and news of upcoming seminars, please email Allison Splaun.

Seminars are scheduled in response to demand; if you have in interest in receiving training in an attachment measure, contact Howard Steele.
for lab information pertaining to you!

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