Attachment and Body Representations Project

             Project background:

The Body Group research, initiated by Miriam Steele and Susie Orbach, focuses on the intergenerational transmission of body representations, with an emphasis on understanding the influence of attachment relationships on body image. Previous research drew on the Mirror Interview, Adult Attachment Interview, Child Mirror Task, and Child Mirror Interview in order to explore these links across generations (in mothers and their daughters, ages 3-7). Current research lead by Cicek Erdem focuses on body representations and attachment in adult males (18+). Collaboration on the Mirror Interview coding manual and protocols for different age groups is ongoing with Bernadette Buhl-Nielsen at the University of Copenhagen, who developed the mirror paradigm with Paulina Kernberg.



Cicek Erdem will conduct community assessments throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Assessments include the administration of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), the Mirror Interview, and questionnaires probing self-objectification and eating attitudes/behaviors.


Assessments require volunteers to film as well as administer the AAI and Mirror interview. Assessments are a requirement of membership in the Body Group.

*Illustration by Hai Knafo