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 The 7th International Attachment Conference, sponsored by SEAS and The Center for Attachment Research that took place over 6-8 August 2015, with over 500 people attending from 24 countries.

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Also, in 2015, SEAS sponsored the Attachment Pre-Conference, that took place on the day before the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) began in March, 2015, in Philadelphia.  The pre-conference celebrated 30 year years since the Adult Attachment Interview was introduced, transforming the attachment research field.  And at the main SRCD meetings, hundreds crowded into a room to participate in a Conversation Hour on this historic milestone in the science of attachment studies.

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6th International Attachment Conference in Pavia, Italy

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Students Presenting at SRCD 2013 in Seattle

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Moira Domaille presenting her poster, Toddler Adaptation: Parent/Child Responses to the Problem-Solving Task, Strange Situation Paradigm, and Adult Attachment Interview (Domaille, Steele, Steele, & Murphy). 

 Ozlem Bekar presenting her poster: Mental State Talk in Stories and Social Behavioral Outcomes in a High-Risk Preschool Sample (Bekar, Shahmoon-Shanok, Steele, Lalonde, Steele).

 Alex Kriss presenting his poster: Attachment and Sibling Relationship Quality in Adolescence: Within and Between Generations (Kriss, Steele, & Steele). 

 Sherina Persaud presenting her poster: Mothers in Substance Abuse Recovery: Factors Associated with Parental Stress.

 Hannah Knafo and Jordan Bate presenting on nonverbal behaviors in the Mirror Paradigm.

Center for Attachment Research work included in AMNH film

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The work of the Center for Attachment Research, in conjunction with the Center for Babies, Toddlers and Families at the Albert Einstein Medical College has been featured (Dec 2011) in a film on 'Attachment Theory'. This film highlights the evolutionary-based need in our human species and other species' for contact and comfort from trusted others -- across the lifespan.  Links among behavior, biology and health, both mental and physical, are highlighted.

The eight minute film is accessible below.....

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A summary of some of the ongoing work on which the film is included in the Clinical Social Work paper accessible for private downloads below

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